Saturday, December 29, 2012

40mm Zinnbrigade conversions

  Over the holidays I came across a blog that mentioned converting Zinnbrigade figures using Little Britons heads.  Zinnbrigade figures are 40mm homecast figures and Little Britons are a line of unassembled figures from the Shiny Toy Soldier line found at the Spencer Smith miniature page.

    I have many of the Zinnbrigade molds, and last year I came across in a job lot of old toy soldiers a bunch of heads with plug bases. What's more several of them seemed to be 40mm. At the time I was experimenting with mold making, and so made a mold using a couple of the heads.  After molding a few of the heads and attaching them to some of my Zinnbrigade figures to see how they worked, I put the figures aside and went back to casting 15mm figures.

       The story on the other blog peaked my interest and I dug out the figures I casted. One reason I started out with Zinnbrigade figures was the possibility of using them for Little Wars. After looking at the conversion figures, and the fact that the "Little Britons" line has a 4.7 cannon, it might be time to revisit these figures.

3 converted Zinnbrigade figures with  original
close up of an original and converted figure 

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