Sunday, December 2, 2012

Peter Laing mold making

The newest project I am working on is making molds of old Peter Laing figures. I have been casing toy soldiers off and on for close to 30 years. I also tried molding some 20 years ago, without much success.
   Like most wargamers one of my earliest books was "Little Wars". Of course the artwork caught my attention.  So when I found out that Peter Laing had Victorian Parade figures, I started looking for them. Off and on for a couple of years the search went on without luck. Several people kindly gave me Peter Laings from different periods and I found some on Ebay; however the Victorian parade figures eluded me. However, I eventually managed to trade some of the PL figures for Victorian parade figures. However, I got mainly individual figures.  Obviously at that rate I woulld be dead before I could ever get enough figures for units. What to do? This led to my decision  to make my own molds.
    In the last half year I have made about 10 molds, with various success. It seems with each mold I learn a little more. In the following blogs I will show the making of the newest molds.  These molds are to cast figures for someone I have traded with in the past year. I don't see this as a "how to" blog, as there are better sites on how to make molds. It's more of a " don't make the same mistakes i made" blog.

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