Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Painted AWI Minifigs

    My wife and I went for a long weekend of camping. I brought along some more of the 1st generation Minifigs AWI figures, with the hope of getting some painting in. I did get three more units painted.
I had started these Highlanders a while back; I finally got them finished.

These figures were painted to represent the 12th Continental Regiment. Unfortunately, I broke one barrel off while working on them.

A unit of frontier riflemen in hunting smocks.

Although most militia units weren't in uniforms, this particular unit I wanted to keep together. This was the militia unit in my last game which held off two of the Regular units.  I do think I will touch up their stocking again.

My wife had to go to work late when we got back from camping; I had taken the day off to clean the camper out. After I had got all the cleaning done, I decided to get a game in using some of the newly painted figures. That will be my next posting.

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