Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Painted Semi Flat and Peter Laing Casting

One good thing about my job was I get to listen to audio books during the summer. I listened to a book on Lord Cochrane, who provided ideas for the Hornblower & Aubrey novels, and another about a powder monkey during the Napoleonic wars. These stories inspired me to finally make a mold of Napoleonic sailors that Ian Dury gave me a couple of years ago.  The mold turned out better than normal figures and I now want to work on the gunners to go along with them. If only I could find the officer now!
The Peter Laing sailors. Only two ended back in the pot; one by accident.

Closeup of a painted sailor.

Midshipman Horatio Nelson taking on the polar bear. (In actuality Nelson was armed with a musket).

When I first got these figures, I thought it was an officer holding his sword scabbard.  After careful  examination it is a soldier with his rifle under arm. The figure on left shows the general condition of these figures. The figure on right has been primed for painting.

After: once again a quick paint job.


  1. I'm glad the sailors came out okay. Love the repainted semi-flat!

  2. Hopefully the gunners will turn out as well. I have found some new paints that I haven't used before which I will be trying with some more of the semi flats.

  3. Just discovered your's great! I used to have 2 Peter Laing Crimean armies that the father of an old girlfriend gave me, but sadly they went to a bring and buy about 15 years ago..... :-(

  4. Thank you for your kind words; hopefully I won't disappoint in the future. As to the Peter Laing Crimean armies (which I am constantly looking for), I'll just climb into my bed and weep at the loss.....