Monday, December 30, 2013

15mm Peter Laing U.S.Cavalry and Indians Miniatures

In my last posting I used some Peter Laing U.S. cavalry and indian figures that I bought pre-painted. The paint job is better than I can do and deserves to be seen up close. I also mentioned to Ian Dury that I would show a couple of photos of some unpainted cavalry in kepis.
M3010 Cavalry (képi) horse walking

M3011 Cavalry (képi) horse charging

M3005 Cavalry (hat) trumpeter

Two of the painted cavalrymen.  M3002 Cavalry (hat) horse charging and M3001 cavalry  (hat) horse walking.

M3006 Mounted Indian scout.

M3008 Indian with rifle, charging.

M3007 indian with bow, charging.

Two painted chiefs in full war bonnets. The painter seemed to have  divided the figures by color coding  the feathers .  M3009 Indian with spear, charging? If anyone knows differently, please let me know.

F323 Indian, rifle trail.  In catalog in comes in under "Suitable items from other ranges"

M3007 Indian with bow, firing.

F3008 Indian, war bonnet with tomahawk.

As you can see,  nicely painted figures that I will leave alone! I showed this figure because of the extra detail in the pants.


  1. Thanks John, those are really nice

  2. I finally downloaded another copy of the Peter Laing catalog. I am going to try to add the catalog numbers and description to these figures later.