Monday, August 5, 2013

Battle Maps of the Persian War of 1856

There seems to be some interest in the Persian War of 1856. I scanned the maps showing the battles from the Persian campaign of 1856. I think this will give a good idea of the potential of this war for gaming. These maps come from the book "The War for a Persian Lady".

The landing and battle of Bushire.
The expedition against the Persian Army leading to the battle of Khoosh-ab.

The opposing forces at the battle of Khoosh-ab.

The naval attack on the town of Mohammeran.


  1. Just finished re-reading my copy of the book. I agree there is a lot of potential for games there - British cavalry breaking a square, a naval assault on shore batteries, etc. The other side is the Persian siege of Herat - lots of potential there.

  2. With an inspiring Persian general and some of those camel guns you mentioned in a previous post, it could be a fun and colorful game. This book also has me starting to look at other "Little Wars" from Queen Victorias' rein. By the way I found that article about the Persian camel guns; if only Peter Laing made those! I might have to try a casting of one of my camel figures then convert it.

  3. Well, if you want some other examples, I have:
    - "Colonial Small Wars, 1837-1901" by Donald Featherstone
    - "West African Resistance" edited by Michael Crowder - as well as the obvious campaigns like the British in Ashanti and the French in Dahomey, it also includes the likes of Nigeria (cavalry in cloth armour!), Mali and Guinea - not many illustrations, unfortuantely!
    - "Victorian Military Campaigns" edited by Professor Brian Bond (Sikh Wars, China, Abyssinia, Ashanti, South Africa, Egypt 1882, Sudan plus a comprehensive list of Victorian Wars and Punitive expeditions)
    - "The Colonial Wars Sourcebook" by Phillip Haythornwaite
    - "Small Wars" by Colonel CE Calwell (more of a "how to" for British officers, but with lots of interesting notes on the campaigns)
    I also have specific books on Abyssinia, the Maori Wars, Kandyan War (Ceylon), Burma, Tibet as well as the more obvious and well known colonial wars
    Finally, I have a couple of books in German (of which I can speak a little and read slightly more!), one a general piece on the German colonies and the other specifically on the Herero revolt in SW Africa
    - So just let me know what strikes your interest and I will see what I can dig out!

  4. Ian, thank you for the list of books. I have been looking through my copy of " Queen Victoria's Little Wars" by Byron Farwell. I seems that I have quite of bit of research to do.