Monday, September 11, 2023

Axis & Allies Game

       While on a drive the misses and I were talking about getting a "new" coffee table. We happened to drive by a charity  shop that has good furniture  donations  so we stopped in. While they didn't have a table, I did find a copy of Axis & Allies for $8.00. Though not sure if it was complete,  it did still have many of the plastic miniatures. Enough for me to buy it.

   When I got it home a quick look made me realize that the rules we not with it. However, since  it was bought for parts, that is no big deal. For now it will go into the pile of "future projects ".


  1. Nice find John. The little tanks alone make this worthwhile.
    I expect the Rules are online somewhere.

    1. That's the main reason I bought. I must admit the ships and planes are an added bonus.
      I'm guessing will have them.