Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Race to Bastogne:A new Mike Lambo Solitaire Game

     No sooner than I received my new Mike Lambo books on solitaire wargames, than he came out with a new one, "The Race to Bastogne".  In this book you control armor units trying to break through to the encircled American forces in Bastogne. As with his other games, the AI forces are unknown. One feature that's new is "Recon", where a reconnaissance unit can expose enemy units without coming within firing range of that unit; if you get the right roll, of course. Also, in this book Mr. Lambo put unit markers in the back so one can make their own unit counters. For me, I chose to buy new "Axis &Allies" tokens from an online store, Historic Board Games

New units for "The Race to Bastogne". I accidentally ordered more Shermans than needed.

My plan of attack. My Sherman on the left, Greyhound recon armored car in center, and Priest SP gun on right. Each vehicle has different uses. The Greyhound can "Recon" without getting within range of the enemy.  The small dice represent where enemy units are. On this first move the Greyhound "reconned" the red dice in front of him. The Sherman then attacked and with support from the Priest, eliminated that unit (which happened to be a Panzer IV). A good start!
While I made several mistakes moving my units forward, in the end using the Greyhound's recon ability and the Priests' fire support, I managed to pull out a victory on the last turn.  (I was going to show more of the action, but my computer and Google don't want to cooperate.)  My standing with these games are 2 wins, 7 loss, and one game called due to a power outage.


  1. Looks like you are getting a lot of games out of this system which is good news. I like the little vehicles.

  2. With these games you can spontaneously just get a game in without any planning. The Axis &Allies minis cost around $35.00; not bad for two wargaming "armies".