Sunday, August 15, 2021

Painting Homecasts

    My wife and I went camping this weekend. At the last minute I took along some of my Kinder Homecasts and some paints, hoping to get some figures painted.  Some painting was done, unfortunately, in the end the paints weren't working for me.

   When we got home I started using some other paints to finish the figures. I must admit frustration; this time that my hands refused to cooperate, and shook, making the job of fine detailing a waste of time. The Zouaves are almost done, although there is some touch up needed on the faces and the uniforms. Hopefully I will get some more painting soon.

Some regular infantrymen. After starting on them, I decided to paint them as Irish Brigade figures.

 The Zouaves. The faces need more work ( the figure on the far right looks like he was shot in the forehead by a Minie ball).


  1. Bright colourful and shiny - worth the effort of painting.

  2. Hopefully with a little touch up they will look like proper toy soldiers.

  3. They are painted better than many of my real toy soldiers were. Don't sweat the details!

  4. One problem was trying three, and later four different paints on these figures. I am thinking of just going back to my hobby acrylics; nice and inexpensive and literally 100's of different colors.