Sunday, February 18, 2018

New Russians for Memoir 44

     While playing Memoir 44, I realized what great models the tanks were. While the turret of the Sherman tank seems a little flat,  the German Mark IV tank is an excellent model. I started looking at the expansion sets, especially the Eastern Front set. However, they are out of production and the asking prices of the Eastern Front sets are more than I am willing to pay. However, while on break at work, I went to Ebay, and there, someone was selling Eastern Front parts. It was missing the board, hexes, and tokens. However, it had extra tanks, guns and infantry figures, along with the rulebook and scenarios. What's more, it was a reasonable price and was a "Buy it now" item. I was hoping it would still be available when I got home from work. My luck held, and I won the lot. Included were 63 tanks and 14 guns. I didn't count the infantry figures, as I don't plan to use them. It seems the owner must have had three sets at one point.
     The tanks lived up to my hopes, and the guns are also great models. I wish there were more of artillery; I could have painted them olive drab and used them as 105mm American artillery.
The Russian tank corps. Enough for 21 tank units.

Close up of these excellent models.

7 units of Russian artillery.

The guns close up.


  1. The tanks are lovely John - happy gaming with those

  2. Thank you, I hope to get them in service soon. I tried to make a mold of converted Peter Laing Russian figures; unfortunately the mold didn't turn out right. I will try to get some figures out of it, although I'm doubtful it will work.