Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Britains "B" Series Figures

It's been a while since I've gone on Ebay to look for toy soldiers. This week I've found a great lot of Britains "B" series, along with some figures identified as Hanks & Fry. In " The World Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers" by John G. Garratt, there is no listing of a Hanks & Fry, but there is a separate listing for Hanks Brothers & Co, and A.Fry, Ltd. No matter, this is a useful lot of new figures.
I am assuming the figures on the left are the Hanks & Fry. These figures have great potential. I can see them painted as Spanish American War Americans or British Boer War infantry. On the far right is a Northumberland Fusilier. I already have one of these figures, however this one I would use to create a mold.

The other great buy; Britains "B" fusiliers and another Guards figure.  Hopefully I can fix the running figure, at least until I could make a mold of it.

While all the figures have broken rifles, I am thinking of making rifles and drilling holes to insert the rifles. I haven't decided yet if I will just use wire for rifles, or make a small mold of a rifle that I can cast.

I'm not sure of the make of the British figure with the white helmet. It's a nice figure, but one that I don't see much use for right now.


  1. Thank you. With my new game area, hopefully I can get some games done with these figures.