Saturday, January 27, 2018

The New Wargame Room and Memoir '44

     While there is still plenty to do with my new wargame room, I managed to make enough room to set up a wargame. I've also have had renewed interest in Memoir'44.  Unfortunately, when I first bought Memoir '44 I didn't buy any of the other extensions of the game. Having recently read a book about the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union, I started looking for the Eastern Pack, but found that the cost is more than I can afford.

   I decided to play a game of Memoir' 44 using the scenario of the airborne drop on Sainte Mere Eglise on D-Day. One thing I like about this scenario is after setting up the board, the Allied player drops 4 figures from above the board. Where each figure lands you add another unit, unless the figure falls off the board or lands on an enemy square, then the figure is removed. For the Americans, it worked out well. One unit landed in St. Mere Eglise itself, next to a German unit in the town. Another unit landed in the woods, between the town and a large force of German infantry and armor. The other two landed in the same hex; that means there was only one unit and not two. I wasn't going to report on this game, but it turned out more fun than expected. In the end the German counter attack broke the American's right flank and won the battle.

Starting to clean out my new wargame room.

After a few days of cleaning up the room.

Memoir'44 set up for play.

In the corner of the bookcases can be seen stacks of books and junk to be sorted through.

German panzers attack American paratroopers holding a section of hedgerows.

The paratroopers did have a strong line protecting their right flank guarding the approach to Sainte Mere Elgise. The Germans, lead by the panzer unit, smashed through the center of the paratroopers line.

The paratroops eliminated the panzer unit, but it is too little, too late. The Germans eliminated four units, thereby winning the battle.

One reason I wanted to use Memoir '44 is that I could use my old Airfix figures instead of the game figures. Unfortunately I don't have enough German figures and some of the figures I do have are turning brittle.


  1. Always good to get a dedicated wargaming space. My first wargaming room/space was similar to yours, under the house and used mainly as storage. Since the kids have moved out I had been fortunate to takeover a spare bedroom with more natural light.

    1. I look forward to being able to set up games and leaving then over a period of days to play them out. My original room was set up after one of the kids moved out, but by the time I got my books in the room, I had no room for a table. While I lost lost the natural light of the room, I did find an old fluorescent light fixture that I put up over the table, giving me better light than I'm used to in my games.

  2. There is no place like home and no better place to wargame than amidst books and figures.

    1. Once I have the big mess straightened out, I have to rearrange and weed out some old books. My military books will face inside of the room. I have two rows of bookcases, back to back. Books that I want to keep but don't use too often will face out into the cellar. Another big project will be to get rid of most of my plastic toy soldiers.