Sunday, January 7, 2018

Another One Day Army and New Terrain

     After casting several Peter Laing Guards and using them in a game, I was overcome with the desire to cast more, to be used strictly as "Toy Soldiers".  I cast enough for a whole army to create a "Red Army", and cast several more to round out the "Blue Army".  The Red Army received a paint job of gloss enamel paint. Once agin, the figures were cast, cleaned up, based and received their main paint job in a 24 hour period. Details, such as faces and crossed belts took extra time. At the same time I rebased my 18th century Toy Soldier armies. While painting my figures, I also painted one of my Backyard Wars figures as a member of the Irish Brigade based on the illustration in "Uniforms of the CivilWar 1861-1865" by Philip Haythornthwaite.

   Ian Dury kindly sent me some new  background scenery for my games. I think it will vastly improve the photographs of my games. Thank you Ian, I hope to put them to good use.

The new Red Toy Soldier Army marches out of town. In the background is the scenery that Ian Dury sent me.

The Backyard Wars Irish Brigade.

The Red Army lined up for their first battle.

The Sudanese advance their center.

The Red casualties start building up. The Red Army ended up losing this battle.


  1. Hello John your new army captures that toy soldier look well. Happy Gaming for the New Year!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. The pose is ideal for "toy soldiers". Hopefully they well see plenty of action. I'm hoping the start of this new year is an indiction of the coming year. I'm looking forward to more of your blog.

  3. An Army in a day! Fantastic. The background looks very good also.

  4. It seems everything is coming together as far a casting goes. Next is to work on scenery.

  5. After casting some of these figures, I pictured them as toy soldiers being used on a playroom floor. They will fit nicely on a chessboard battlefield.