Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Peter Laings and Playing Board

         I have not posted in a while, simply because I have done much with the hobby in the last couple of months.

       I did get a rather large lot of Peter Laing Egyptians. I no have several units of archers for my Egyptian army. I also have enough to make a Nubian army.

       I also have been toying with the idea of a chessboard with removable squares, where different pieces of landscape could be swopped out. I found some good sized wooden square tiles that would work well, so I ordered 90. My original plan was to use both sides, such as Battle Cry and Command & Colors does with their tiles. However, the idea of pulling up all the tiles to find the right pieces might not work as easily as I thought. So I have made a few river tiles and am working on some plowed field tiles. As the project is just starting, there is some experimentation going on right now.
Some of the new Peter Laing Egyptians being prepared to be repainted.

My new "chessboard" game board. I was originally going to paint the tiles to hide the wood grain. However, I think it give the feel of being plowed fields.

The board set up for it's first game. The are two hill tiles on the board. I believe I will paint the edges dark green so hopefully they will stand out more.

The board with a river running through it.


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  2. This looks good. For two sided tiles, maybe you could key them together for example all rivers have roads on the reverse, all woods have towns on the back etc.

  3. That is a good idea, one that I will have to ponder. I was thinking of either painting them a sand color on the other side, or leave them natural to use as desert. I would have to buy some more for landscape features.

  4. The chessboard looks great. I did consider movable tiles, but had the same thought as you about using both sides. Ross's idea may offer a solution. The Peter Laing's look great.

  5. Right now have have extra tiles to use for terrain. Still, I have to give serious thought to Ross's suggestion.