Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Travel Battle Miniatures

    I checked on the Perry Miniatures website. They have released the different plastic components from Travel Battle for individual sale. The figures are molded in grey instead of either blue or red. The stands for the figures are sold separately; just something to keep in mind if you are going to order them. They have also released the boards and houses for sale separately. I am thinking of ordering some for use with other wargame rules. Using Battle Cry units, an infantry unit would consist of 40 infantrymen, and a cavalry unit 9 figures. I think that could look quite impressive on a small wargame board.


  1. They are slotta type bases and figures, so a strange decision not to sell base and figure together.

  2. I thought so myself. However, I do believe they said the bases were enough for 4 spruces of figures. Perhaps in the design phase they never thought of selling the spruces individually.