Thursday, April 20, 2017

Battle of Scottsdale

The Redian Army falls back to it's second line of defense at Scottsdale. The Bluvian Army dallies for several days at Twinkenham, for no apparent reason. However, as their reinforcements finally arrive, they push forward towards Scottsdale.
The start of the battle. Scottsdale is in the center right of the picture.

The Redian general blows his advantage of being on the ground first. The Bluvian general rapidly pushes his cavalry, dragoons and artillery forward, seizing the great woods in the center.

The red dragoons on the right drives back the blue cavalry with rifle fire.

The blue cavalry counterattacks, and the blue artillery forces back one red infantry brigade.

The cavalry fight on the right is costing both units losses. Red pushes forward all his infantry brigades.

The red dragoons eliminate the blue cavalry.

Two red brigades charge the blue dragoons in the great woods.

The red dragoons flank the blue artillery and overruns it

The red dragoons have also positioned themselves behind the blue dragoons  in the woods.

One of the blue infantry brigades drives back the red dragoons, as the blue dragoons maneuver out of the woods.  The blue general loses his composure and orders the army to fall back to their lines at Twinkenham.

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