Sunday, April 23, 2017

2nd Battle of Twinkenham

The Bluvian Army falls back towards Twinkenham, with the Redian Army in close pursuit. With some of his reinforcements coming up, the Bluvian Army turns to make a stand.
The Bluvian general decides to use several small hills to anchor his line on. The Redian general  uses the woods to screen his advance.

The Blue dragoons set up in the woods to try to slow the Reds left flank. One Blue brigade obviously didn't understand his orders and continues to advance in the center.

The two Red brigades drive the Blue dragoons from the woods. The dragoons, having been heavily used in the campaign,  break and runs. Meanwhile, the Blue general pushes forward a second brigade in the center.

Two Red brigades hits the Blue line on both flanks.

The Blue cavalry, which had been on he hills protecting the left flank, charges down the hill and pushes one brigade back.  The rightmost Blue brigade pushes back the brigade to it's front.

The leftmost Red brigade hits the Blue brigade, which has another regiment break and run. The Blue cavalry is hit by  volleyfire, and is routed.

The Bluvian has been holding their line, but have suffered heavy casualties. At this point they have no more reserves; the Red army has two infantry brigades advancing who have yet been engaged. The Bluvian army continues their retreat.
The Bluvian Army has suffered 425 casualties; the Redian Army, 225.

The next battle I plan to have the Bluvian Army stationary on the ground of their choosing. The last couple of battles the defending force had to advance on the ground they wanted to defend. Often they couldn't reach the chosen ground. It really  didn't make sense that the army would march past the ground they want to defend, then have to march back to the ground they want to defend!  As a solo gamer, by having the defending army stationary, the game would come down to maneuvering one army to dislodge the other army.

My next posting will be a book review. The book has opened a whole new world of imagi-nation wargaming potential.


  1. Thank you. For these reports I have been trying to let the pictures do the reporting. Reading past battle reports I find that my writing is rather dull, and doesn't capture the excitement I get with the games. I personally find myself when reading other blogs looking more at the photos of the battles.