Sunday, December 4, 2016

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Finally Available

      A while back I mentioned a video game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a.k.a. T.A.B.S, that looked like it would be enjoyable to play. It IS NOT as described; it is not a totally accurate battle simulator! However, it is a fun game to play. It has undergone quite a few changes from when I first saw it. It's all for the better; however, I wished one option was the original game as first shown. The original game was really silly to the extreme! That being said, they have different armies you can play with, such as Viking Greek, Napoleonic, and miscellaneous. You can play against the computer, or go to "sandbox" mode, where you build both armies. In this mode I could see two people playing against each other using the same computer. The "soldiers" still look like those inflatable people with flapping arms that car dealers use to attract attention to their dealerships. The consist of the red army and blue army; the soldiers are blue and red with google eyes. When using the Napoleonic army, the soldiers are provided with a  shako for a uniform.

      I received this game for free. It is right now available as an "Open Alpha"; whatever that is! I will say that if and when they finally finish this game I would in all probably be willing to buy it, if nothing else as to have on my computer to play when I'm really bored.

     If you would like to see the game, there are plenty of videos on Youtube. If you would like to see the actual company website, here is a link:   Landfall Games .

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