Monday, December 5, 2016

A New Minifigs British Regiment

    One good thing about being in a funk is I will try to jumpstart my way out of it by trying different projects. This week I watched the "Callan" show, "Act of Kindness". Inspired by this show, earlier this year, I started to make several Minifigs regiments using 1st generation French and Russian Napoleonic figures. In "Act of Kindness", it was French against British, so  I wanted to make a British regiment along the lines of my earlier regiments.  As I was nearing completion of the regiment, I  looked back on previous posts. The first units formed were 18 man units; 6 stand regiments with 3 figures per base.  I started painting enough figures to make the 18 man units, even though they will in all probably be used in four stand units, such as used with Battle Cry or Command & Colors games. The figures are being painted for the most part as "generic" figures, meaning just red coats with no facing colors and the drummer is in a red coat, instead of reversed facing. Below are some photos of the nearly completed regiment. Some fine detailing is needed, such as shako plates, and the stands being painted. Once completed, they will receive a coat of gloss lacquer. 
The regiment. Before putting on the gloss lacquer, I want to work on redoing the flag.

Although the Battle Cry system has three infantry and one flag per unit, I wanted the unit to look a little larger; when the last infantry stand is removed the command stand will be removed at the same time.

This is actually a 21 man unit. The French and Russians have 5 infantry stands and a command stand.  I think I might increase the regiments to seven stands.  By painting them the same, I can use them for either as 21 man units, or as 4 stand units.  The six figures in the back on the right still need more painting.


  1. Thank you. I am thinking of making units without command staff for the time being, as I only have enough command stands for two regiments. I have enough British infantry for 8- 12 man regiments. I also have enough for 2 Highlander regiments.