Monday, November 21, 2016

Putting a Bad Habit to Good Use

       My wife went to the tobacco store yesterday and I found two more cigar boxes. These boxes were  extremely well made. It motivated me to get going on boxing up my semi flat toy soldiers.  we stopped at a fabric shop and I picked up a yard plus of 1/2 inch foam for $12.00.

      When I got home I went right to work. I decided to use the new boxes to begin with.  Unlike the other boxes that had latches to hold them closed, these were so well made they didn't need latches. Unfortunately, after cutting the foam and placing the toy soldiers in the box, the foam was above the lip of the box, and the lid kept popping open.  I used an elastic band to keep it closed. I then used one of the cheaper made box. After layering the foam and toy soldiers, the foam was level to the lip and closed perfectly.  I had two of these boxes and seemed ideal for the project. When I go to the shop again, I will look for more of these particular boxes
The two new boxes. I will probably find a different use than toy soldier storage.

The first attempt at storage.

I got two layers of soldiers in this box. However, the foam wouldn't let the lid close properly.

My old way of storing the toy soldiers.

One thing that surprised me is the amount of figures that I have. I'm going to need a lot more boxes.


  1. I'm currently looking for semi flats storage. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Over the years I have received many lots of toy soldiers in cigar boxes. I also bought some semi flats from a company in Germany who sent the figures in boxes using foam. I wouldn't have thought of it until I saw the stack of cigar boxes. Now if I could only find cheaper foam.

  3. Now that I know what box works the best I'll have to stop by and buy some more. Thank goodness they are a popular brand of cigar! I will also have to work at grouping the figures together instead of just throwing them in randomly.