Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New old books

I finally went through the box of books that I had picked up at a used book sale at a local library. Besides a couple of books that were non military, below are military books purchased.

This book is really interesting. Besides the obvious combat troops, it give all support units.

Among the units that served in Vietnam, was the 67th Evacuation Hospital, which was the unit my father served in during WW2.

Chris Platt mentioned in my last post that he would like to see my collection of books. I must admit it would be a fun project; I was looking in my bookcases and didn't realize how many military books I have.


  1. They are great additions to your library. The Little Wars of the United States looks particularly interesting, which wars are covered ?

  2. Chris, the wars listed in Little Wars of the United States is: The Quasi War with France, 1798-1801; Wars with the Barbary Pirates, 1801-1816; The Philippines, 1899-1916, The China Relief Expedition, 1900; Maexican Interventions, 1914-1917, Carribbean Interventions, 1915-1934, and Interventions in Russia, 1918-1920.

  3. That is a fascinating range of conflicts ! I know of the China relief Expedition and something of the Mexican Interventions and British interventions in post revolutionary Russia. The Quasi war and Caribbean interventions are new to me. They sound full of possibilities for scenarios for skirmishes. Great stuff.

  4. The Quasi War was fought at sea. I know little myself about the Caribbean interventions. The USMC were heavily involved in these campaigns though. I might try to read that chapter over the weekend. It sounds like it would be great inspiration for wargames.