Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ten Minute Pike Unit & Back to Square? One

       While cleaning up my desk, I came across some of my Peter Laing ECW figures. I was wondering how long it would take me to paint 4 pikemen using the basic painting such as I used for my SYW project. I took a quick look at my cellphone for the time, then started painting. When I had the figures painted I checked the time again, and realized that I didn't look at the clock. I got 4 more pikemen out and, after checking the clock, tried again. 10 minutes later they were painted, except the base. That includes a quick telephone call from my wife. I did put a coat of gloss lacquer on them. Perhaps just occasionally painting figures like this I will have two ECW armies done before I know it.

     I did receive my gaming mat from HOTZMAT.  It fit on my gaming table as I hoped. But after putting some figures on it, I realize the hexes are too big for my plans. They would be good if I use my based 1st generation Minifigs Napoleonics, or my old Airfix figures.

        After painting the pikemen, I played a quick war-game using a chessboard and my Sudanese and Arab figures. I was disappointed with the game. I just find using hexes make for a better game. That brought me back to the Heroscape  hexes. So once again I am planning to set up a board using the BATTLE CRY or COMMAND & COLORS board as inspiration; a 9 hex by 13 hex board. I also decided to try to find one or two hex terrain pieces for the board. I decided to go on Ebay to see if I could find a good buy on the pieces.
     While looking, I came across some pieces referred to as swamp water hexes. These pieces are shaped the same as regular pieces, except they are flat green pieces, much like the water hexes. I think that these would make a better game board than the regular pieces. What's more, someone had three lots of 42 pieces, more than enough for my board, so I bought all three. I do believe these were made by another company to supplement Heroscape  after the game was discontinued.  By having a flat top instead of raised detail, I think terrain pieces will fit better on them.
One of the units of the 10 minute pikemen.

The two completed units.


  1. John, they look really good. Reminds me of some of the Airfix figures in Terry Wise's 'Introduction to Battlegaming'

  2. Thank you Ian. I found a large lot of Peter Laing ECW figures I forgot I bought last year. I'm determined to start using more of these figures that I've collected.