Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ottoman Turks vs Austrians

     One problem I have always had was using different figures for particular scenarios. At first I wasn't going use these scenarios except as written using the armies as listed. However, they gave me a chance to use figures that I have wanted to use for a long time. For this game, the battle of Soor, which was originally fought between Prussian and Austria, is to be fought with Ottoman Turks taking the place of the Austrians, and the Austrians taking the place of the Prussians.
The Turks on the left, the Austrians on the right. The Turks start out with 2 APs, the Austrians with 4 APs. Green arrows show Austrian movements, yellow arrows turkish movements, red arrows ranged fire.

Some of the nicely paintedPeter Laing Janissaries I bought last year finally sees some action.

The first move. Both armies bombard each other, as the Austrians start to extend their left flank.

The second move; both sides are still maneuvering.

The Turkish cavalry on the right try to drive off the Austrian cavalry facing the.

The Austrian cavalry counterattacks and pushes back the Turks.

The Austrians eliminate one of the Turkish cavalry units, and ranged fire drives the other cavalry back. The Austrian left starts to push forward. The Austrian cavalry at the top of the picture tries to drive back the Turkish cavalry on the hill.

The Turkish cavalry at the top drives back the Austrian cavalry. The Turkish fire against the advancing infantry doesn't slow them down.

The Austrian cavalry in the foreground overruns the Turkish cavalry.

The Turkish artillery eliminates one Austrian artillery battery.

The Austrian cavalry and infantry eliminates the rightmost Turkish infantry.

The cavalry overruns one of the Turkish batteries/ At the top the other Austrian cavalry  eliminates another infantry unit. The Turks have lost 7 units; the battle is lost. The Austrians only lost one unit.

With the Austrian have 2 more APs, and the Turks having terrible dice rolls, it was a hard fight for the Turks to win. In this game the Austrians had 4 generals (I only had 3 painted) to the Turks 1. If used as in BATTLE CRY, they could have given the combat units an extra dice.  By the way, once again I used  the AWI variant of BATTLE CRY.

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