Monday, May 23, 2016

New Fields of Battle, and Raising New Armies

          While pondering how to use the mat I have on order with Hotzmats, I started researching on how to make hex terrain on the internet. I did find several downloadable hex templates, along with how to use them. I almost wished I had found these, as I could have made my own mats. One I did find very useful was a 1 inch hex sheet. I found these worked good with my 2mm armies. I printed one on green paper. I can see printing these sheets and drawing on rivers and roads on them, and once done I could draw troop movements on them, or file away for use later.

     I've also rethought what figures to use with the HOLD THE LINE scenarios. I don't have many Editions Brokaw SYW cavalry. The Peter Laing cavalry I have are too small to use with the Edition Brokaw figures. Yesterday I tallied how many figures I would need for the scenarios. I decided to use my Peter Laing WSS figures. I would paint them simply, with blue coats for the Prussians and White for the Austrians. I actually managed to get the infantry figures painted in one night. Hopefully I can get the cavalry done just as fast.
The green paper with printed hexes. The 2mm terrain pieces fits well on the hexes, and there is plenty of room for the figures.

The Prussian army is issued their blue coats.

Some of the Austrians. the brown figures are Austrian artillerymen, and Grenzers. The Grenzers are grenadiers with their mitres cut down.


  1. Where did you get the hex template? Sounds really useful

  2. Ian, if you google search "heekin pewter hexes" the first thing that should come up is a PDF file for the one inch hexes. I tried to find it on but couldn't find it that way.