Monday, May 2, 2016

Command & Color Games

      In the last few weeks I have had little time for gaming. What time I have spent has mainly been on research. Most of the time has been reading up on Richard Borg's Command & Color gaming systems. I have several of Richard Borg games, including Battlelore, Battle Cry and Memoir 44. And while online I came across several games made by Worthington Games, including Clash for a Continent and Hold the Line. The one thing all these games have in common are they have hex game boards, with 9 x 13 layout of the hexes with separate hexes for different terrain. And while all the games use the same style game boards, they have different rules.  One thing I like about these games are they all come with several scenarios.  I have managed to download 45 scenarios from the Worthington games. They are from the Jacobite Rebellions, War of Austrian Secession, and Frederick the Great's wars.
      When I first got back into wargaming, I bought Edition Brokaws WSS and SYW figures. With the downloaded scenarios, I have been looking over these figures again. While I have plenty of infantry, I skimped on cavalry. I do have 1st generation Minifigs cavalry that I can use for the period. For the Jacobite Rebellion, I am thinking of using Peter Laing. One of my first molds was a Peter Laing highlander from the period with a musket.  With one of my goals being to use more of my figures  that haven't been used before, I can spend more time on figures and less time working out game set up.
    I am thinking of taking the different boards and terrain pieces and pooling them, where I could use the different pieces on the different boards.
Typical Richard Borg size board.  I put some terrain pieces on the lower right. This board is from Battlelore.

Some Edition Brokaw SYW Prussians advance on the river. In the foreground some Jagers have seized a hill.

Editions Brokaw Austrian grenadiers fall back before the Prussians.

From above the terrain looks good. It would be nice to make custom hexes in stead of flat hills and woods.


  1. The 15mm figures look good on the boards. Adding 3d terrain would be good though not necessary. Trees are easy. Double or triple stacking hill hexes might work for the hills. (Any hex being good underneath, just to add height.

  2. I never thought of stacking the hexes! That's why it's good to do posting like this, more clever minds will come up with solutions. Thank you Ross.