Saturday, March 5, 2016

Peter Laing by the Numbers 4

This is the second to last of these posting. The last figures I still need to do a little more research on.
A715; Rolls Royce armored car.

I didn't want to open the package with all the small parts; this is an example that I already have in my  collection.


F 901 longbowman shooting; F 902 longbowman marching; F 904  Man at arms standing, spear;  A 904 kneeling gunner (the envelope says A 905, which is Standing gunner).

Back of the above figures.

F 907 dismounted knight with sword; F 910 dismounted knight with axe; A 902 cannon on elevating mount.

The back of the above figures.

American Civil War and US/ Indian Wars

F 3001 Dismounted cavalry adv (hat); F 3010 Infantry adv (hat); F 3007 Indian with bow, firing; F 3009 infantry adv (kepi); F 3012 'butternut" adv.

Back of the above.

M 3008 Indian with rifle, charging; F 3008 Indian, war bonnet with tomahawk; M 3001 cavalry (hat) horse walking. 

Back of the above.

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