Sunday, March 13, 2016

NAVWARs Pre Dreadnoughts

    Last month I was in a naval mood. I found three models of Pre-dreadnoughts I bought over 20 years ago. It took a little research for me to realize they are NAVWAR miniatures. I would love to get more, unfortunately while they have a website, you can only order them through the regular post, and most provide either a check or give your credit card. Living in the USA, this is more work than I will go through.  I will continue to check Ebay for them.

      I did play a quick game using two of them.
Devastation (in background) vs. Camperdown

In the end the Devastation won the game. The game wasn't too exciting and wasn't worth a blow by blow report.

I have had a bad cold the last couple of days. I want to finish the" Peter Laing by the Numbers" series in the next few days. I also received my copy of DISCOVERING WARGAMES by John Tunstill. I am waiting until I'm feeling better before enjoying this book. Now that I have it I can decide which way to go building my Napoleonic armies.

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