Thursday, July 9, 2015

Two Steps Back

    It seems that I have taken a big step back in my mold making. Of the last 4, only two seem to make usable figures.  I am preparing for another week of camping.  Perhaps time to rethink how I'm making the molds.

    I am also planning to bring a couple of Byron Farwells' books with me. I have started reading MR. KIPLING's ARMY ( this will be for the third time) and will try to start ARMIES OF THE RAJ. Perhaps that will be motivation to work on the PL colonial Indian troops in my collection.
Two of my casting of Egyptian Camel Corps. Unfortunately I broke the rifle off the master. I am thinking of getting a small drill that I could add rifle barrels to the figures.

ECW standard bearer. The space between both set of legs is solid metal. I was thinking that this figure could be used as an ACW guidon bearer. Not a great success but can be used in a pinch. I also made a mold of an ACW flag bearer on foot; again, the space between the legs are solid, but still the figure breaks at the legs. 

My FOURTH  attempt at the Victorian Parade marching figure in a spiked helmet. Another figure that is a disappointment  but could be used.

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