Saturday, July 25, 2015

Artillery Depot

In the last war-game, the machine gun manned by the sailors was a Nordenfeldt. However, in the Zulu war actually they would have been armed with a Gatling gun. For this game I didn't want to have to search for a Gatling gun model, so a Nordenfeldt was used. This made me decide to do what I have been planning to do for a while, which is to gather all the artillery which can be used for different time periods and put them in one storage drawer. This would eliminate searching for a particular gun. Some will stay with the period figures, such as the WW1 artillery. While I know some artillery doesn't match the period figures I might be using, one must remember that for the most part I am going for a "toy soldier" look to my games and not a serious recreation of a particular period or war.
Some of the Peter Laing guns which will go into the depot. The white envelops at the top left of the picture have unopened packs of Peter Laing guns.

These are some of the guns that I use for Horse & Musket games. They are from Heritage and came with sets used to be mounted on cardboard counters used will Strategy and Tactics games. The Heritage RHA officer is used for scale.

One of the box covers from the S&T games miniature conversion kits.

The inside of the kit. There were 18 cannon in this set; and I have had three of these sets, which gives me quite a lot of these guns. They might not be the right scale, but they work for me.

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