Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Starting a New Project

      One benefit of being a slow reader is when you find a good book you can savor reading it. I still haven't finished reading Neil Thomas' WARGAMING 19th CENTURY EUROPE.  I find myself rereading different sections for inspiration.  Some of the figures I took on vacation were some home cast APW Austrian infantry. The figures would make good ACW militia from the start of the war. After reading some of the scenarios in Mr. Thomas' book, I decided to cast some more of the figures to make a Austrian themed army.

   Today after work I figured I had an hour to do some casting.  While waiting for the metal to melt, I spent time organizing the molds I have made. After 20 minutes the metal still hadn't melted; I had forgot to plug in my melting pot! However, once I got going, I had a very productive session. Only 3 infantry figures went back into the pot. Most of the figures needed minimal work to clean them up. I also cast 6 Austrian dragoon figures. I almost have enough figures for a war-game army using Bob Corderys' Memoir of Battle rules.
The finished product.

The infantry figures. Two figures were too badly cast to be of use.

The 6 dragoon figures. The sword arms on them weren't completely formed.  However for my use they will work.


  1. An interesting idea and I look forward to seeing them painted.

  2. I have already cleaned up and primed the infantry. I also have started to paint 1 infantry unit. On vacation I found that painting one unit at a time I get more done, instead of painting large amounts and losing interest before I finish them.