Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Projects Considered

     The last few days I've been doing some work on my Austrian Army. I've got 4 infantry units and 2 cavalry units just about finished. I plan to cast some more infantry figures in the next couple of days. After finishing the infantry figures, they were put aside in a group.  They looked pretty impressive  in a group. It started me thinking of maybe making based armies with 12 man infantry regiments, 9 man cavalry regiments, and batteries with a gun and 4 man crews. In the last week I have bought 2 lots of 1st generation Minifigs French cavalry, enough for several regiments if based as mentioned above. I also came across several packages of Empire Miniatures French infantry still in their original packs, along with one of Austrian grenadiers. Each pack has 24 figures in them.  Of course, it would be hard to open those packages after all these years. However, I also have several hundred Heritage Napoleonettes that could be used to form the armies.

   I also have been rethinking my "battlefield". While the foam works ok, it tends to separate during the games. I think I will go back to a board, and try using tape for roads and rivers as other people do.

   I have received my first new Neil Thomas book, WARGAMING:AN INTRODUCTION.  Just looking through it, the book will be of value just based on his suggestions  for different army makeups. It's a shame he skipped several periods of time as far as the armies are concerned; however, perhaps he plans more detailed books to cover those periods (such as horse & musket 18th century).

My home cast Austrian Army. One cavalry unit is actually painted with late 19th-early 20th century uniforms; however, I like those uniforms and it is my army, so....

One of the unopened packs mentioned. This pack includes the command figures, so this would be an ideal set to base.

This is a pack of French skirmishers, again with command figures.

Here is the pack of Austrian grenadiers; again with command.

This pack is just of 24 infantry advancing.

I have also placed an order for new rubber for mold making. While I have a few figures already planned for molding,  if this project proceeds, my current plans might change.

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