Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Terrain and the Plus Side of Solo Gaming

          Having seen on other blogs war gamers using hobby foam for terrain, I decided to try it out. For the main field, squares of green. Strips of blue for rivers and brown for roads. I tried layers of foam for hills, but for 15mm figures it takes 5 or 6 layers to make a decent hill. What's more, the foam glue remains tacky, which makes a mess.  However, there were some foam wall panels in the cellar and with a little filing, could be shaped into hills. To me it looks better than chalk lines on painted wood panels.

     As for the plus side of solo gaming; while waiting for the paint to dry on some of the Napoleonic Minifigs, I happened to pull out some Peter Laings to see if they would work with the Minifigs.  I suddenly found myself wanting to use my Peter Laings again. I don't know tomorrow if I will be back working on my Minifigs, or deciding which Peter Laing figures I will start working on.  For the solo gamer, to change projects at the drop of the hat is possible, knowing that it won't affect anothers plans.
A French cavalry brigade drawn up on a foam hill.

A regiment of lancers crossing the bridge.

Napoleon  with his cavalry.

Some of the new terrain.


  1. I used to mix Peter Laings with other small, OS 15s.

    Thinking of your Editions Brokaw post, heard the sad news today that Pat Condray has passed away.

  2. It is sad news indeed about Pat Condray. Another of the pioneer wargamers gone. Besides the Edition Brokaw figures, Pat wrote a set of rules for the figures and several pamphlets on the different armies of the WSS, several which I purchased. My dealing with Pat always left me impressed with his service. To me it seemed his "business" had more to do with improving the hobby over profit. His figures were always reasonably priced. Another honorable man gone.