Sunday, December 28, 2014

2mm Horse & Musket Wargame

     A few weeks ago I was going to have a tabletop campaign, using my 2mm Irregular blocks for my armies. Between the holidays and one of those periods of just lack of interest in gaming, I broke down the board.

   Today I was trying out some ideas with the 2mm landscape pieces and ended up playing a quick game. The field was set up using the Waterloo battlefield as the inspiration.
Th French on the bottom of picture. Hougoumont is on the left center and La Haye Sainte  in the top center of the picture.

The French move forward.

The left most French infantry is hit in the flank by the British cavalry, losing one unit.

The French infantry turn on the cavalry and the cavalry lose one unit.

The French close in on La Haye Sainte, while French cavalry push back back the British in the center.

Close up of the French cavalry attack.

The British counterattack. On the left of the picture a column of British advance to come to the aid  of Hougoumnt.

The French cavalry hits the column and causes 50% losses.

The British try to turn the French right flank. The French cavalry in the upper left of the picture is hit in the front and flank and is forced to retreat.

The French finally take Hougoumont.

The British attack on the French right falters.

The French breaks through the British left and divides the British army. The British are forced to retreat. (At this point in the game the British have lost 50% of their units and therefore are defeated.)

The battle field itself is only 9" X 15". It is the top off an old wooden storage box that someone threw away at one of the schools I worked at. 
This is the box. I was trying to make a portable war-game. The figures are Old Glory 10mm ACW figures.

The top reversed to show the battlefield and two units deployed.


  1. Now that is the ultimate portable wargame!
    I think your 2mm blocks look really good - if I didn't have too much lead already, I would be tempted!!

  2. I was trying to come up with a small traveling wargame that could go camping with me. If one didn't use a board, both armies and terrain features could fit in a large matchbox.In fact, one could leave a wooden match a the measuring stick for the game!