Sunday, September 7, 2014

"New" Armored Forces

       Donna and I finally got to try our new camper out. We only went to the next town over, around 20 miles from home. We did this first to get a feel for driving with the camper, and so we could bring Molly, our dog, along to see how she would behave. If she misbehaved, we could still drop her at the kennel for the weekend. She did very well and should be going on future trips with us.

When we got home there were two packages for me. One of them contained some Tootsietoys tanks, armored cars, artillery, and a truck. Ian Dury suggested on my last post to check Ebay for more Pre- Dreadnought ships.  I found this lot instead. I took some pictures with Peter Laing figures. Although not to scale, for "toy soldier" battles they will work fine.
The tanks.

The tanks with Peter Laing support.

The armored cars.

The Artillery.

The supply truck.

The bottom of the vehicles.

My mobil Command Post with the vicious guard dog on watch.

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