Thursday, September 25, 2014

More 30mm Semi flats

Last week I won two lots of 30mm semi flats. The ads said they were Heyde, although I'm not sure. Hopefully someday I can find a book that has how to tell different semi flats apart. Still they are nice figures. I am disappointed that I missed a lot of Zouaves.

The figure on the left is one of my old figures used for scale.


  1. Great looking figures indeed!
    Pity for you re the zouaves.
    I do like semi flats and have about 50 First Nations figures on the painting bench which are homecast i beleve..
    I don't know if there are any semi -cast specific books out there...

  2. I have never heard of First Nations figures. What are they. I did a quick search but couldn't find them.

    I am pretty sure there isn't a book on semi flats, but I'm hoping to find a book ion German tin figures that might have a large section on semi flats. There is a book out on Wollners toy soldiers that I would like to buy, but at $100.00 I still haven't bought it.

  3. Ophs I have written a confusing post ,sorry! I meant the figures depict Native Americans /First nations...

  4. Ok, I do remember seeing them on your blog. Sometimes those molds come up for sale, but they tend to go for high prices, and my interest is 30mm figures. I have got several of them but with my set up it's hard to get them to cast properly.

  5. Hi, Heyde never made 30mm semi flats, they look like Allgeyer from about 1870 to me. German 30/40mm semi flats were something of a hybrid, bridging the gap in development between C1860 to C1880 from tin flat to the 40mm solids championed by Heyde. As you say, there is no definitive book on identifying semi flats but there are dozens on flats and several very good ones on solids that give them a bit of coverage. I would recommend "Petits Soldats" by Christian Blondieu (French) and the two books by Hans Roer (German)
    Best wishes, Brian

  6. Brian, thank you for the info regarding Heyde. That's one good thing about the blog, readers with more knowledge can set me straight. I was on a wild goose chase thinking they might be Heyde. I do have several books on toy soldiers, including a couple on flats. My next book on toy soldiers I want is one on Wollner toy soldiers, but at $100 it's just a wish right now.