Sunday, September 15, 2013

Battling Peter Laing Ottoman Turks

       My order  of Peter Laing Turks came in right before my wife and I were leaving for a week vacation.  I wanted to get a quick wargame in before leaving. The armies lists in The Hordes Of The Things seems to be a great source for wargaming armies.  Amongst them is an army for the adventures of Baron Munchausen.  Watching the movie, the Baron is in a city besieged by the Ottoman Turks.  Needless to say, this gave me an idea for a game. However,  there is no Ottoman army listed in HOTTs rules I have. However, online someone made additional rules for HOTTs and also had added an Ottoman army to the list.  So now I had my two armies. The Army of Baron Munchausen is based on the Russian army. Unfortunately, I don't have a Baron Muchausen riding a cannonball figure or a balloon, so I had at substitute with more traditional units.  For the Russian Army, I used Peter Laing  War of Spanish Secession figures. For rules I used a set of simple rules from the old MWAN magazine.
Russian Army on top, Ottoman Army on bottom.

Looking down the Ottoman line. I really have to work on lighting.

The Russian cavalry have been successful in forcing back the Ottoman cavalry.

The Ottoman cavalry counterattacks and the janissaries are coming up fast.

The janissaries  start a strong attack on the Russian left.

The Ottoman center has suffered heavy losses; it is up to the janissaries to win the day.

The Ottomans rout the Russian artillery on the left.

The Russian infantry now comes into play and start inflicting heavy losses in the Ottomans.

The Russians are closing in on the Sultan himself, who now decides that the day is lost.

I haven't used these rules in a while and forgot how much fun I have with them. While they are "Horse & Musket" rules, in the past I changed them to use for Medieval and WW2. I am going to take them with me and try to change some of the rules I have trouble with.

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