Friday, September 6, 2013

Battle Cry Ancients

        Recently I just can't get any project going. Last week I was going through some of my Peter Laings trying to get some inspiration.  After a while even that lost my interest.  As I sat there I noticed a copy of "Hordes Of The Things"  and brought it down to flip through.  Looking at the different armies I started getting some ideas.  While of course the rules are for fantasy warfare,  they have generic and semi-historical armies that could make a fun project.
    Now I have heard DBA and HOTT rules are hard to understand when you read them. After trying I see what they mean.  I started thinking of other rules I have found on line. One set was an ancient variation of Battle Cry that uses DBA stands.  It seemed like a good possibility. After all, the rules even mention camels and elephants! I dug out some of my Peter Laings, including camels and elephants to give them a go.
On the left is an Arab army with three camel units in the middle.  On the right  is a Persian army with an elephant unit in the center.

My elephants didn't last long in the battle. An armored camel unit rolled three "retreat"  dice;  the elephants routed right off the table!

The Persian heavy cavalry managed to rout in turn one of the armored camel units.

In the end the Arab camel units broke through the Persian center (once again rolling three  retreat dice against the Persian heavy cavalry, forcing them off the board) and ended the battle.

The rules seemed to work all right. Of course it was just a thrown together game to try out the basics. I didn't use the cards for movement.  There are a couple of other sets of rules I am going to try out.

I am trying to think of a way to use Heroscape dice. There are two different sets of dice, attack dice and defense dice.  They just seem like they would be great for Ancient wargaming.

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