Monday, February 11, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

  1. The usual doom and gloom reporting started on Wednesday, speaking of the Blizzard of 2013.  The storm was to start on Friday morning. For Cape Cod, where I live it was to start as rain and turn to snow in the evening. The storm was to blow until mid afternoon Saturday, with hurricane force winds. My wife was to work on Saturday, and a fellow employee offered her a room at her house, which was only 5 minutes away from work. My wife took up the offer; a relief for me knowing she only had a short drive to work. Alas, she never did make it to work. And so Molly, my dog, and I hunkered down for the night. We lost power at 10:00 PM, but my furnace has a manual override switch so we had heat and with the old gas stove I could simply strike a match and light the burners, so I would have plenty of coffee.
  2. Now I had the house to myself for 24 hours with no place to go. It was the perfect time to get some wargaming in. Over the course of the weekend (my wife managed to get home Saturday night) I managed to play 3 wargames, painted some figures that I have been putting off, and got some casting done.  Not a bad weekend considering.
    The view outside my front food during the storm.

My property survived with no damage; one of my neighbor wasn't so lucky.  Fortunately the house showed no sign of serious damage.

The day after.

Molly, my low-rider Jack Russell Terrier, going to inspect my snowblowing handiwork.

"Well, it's a little sloppy looking up that way"

"I think you could have done better; however I'm willing to overlook  your sloppy work if you bring me in and get me a peanut butter treat."

I hope in the next couple of days to do some write ups on the war-games I played.

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