Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Peter Laing 15mm Northwest Frontier Battle

My first blizzard wargame was a replay of a Northwest Frontier battle I fought a couple of months ago. In that battle the British were trying to force a pass held by mountain tribes. The British force failed in their attempt. And so the British organized another expedition to take the pass.
The British forces are on bottom of page from left: infantry, artillery,3 infantry units, artillery, infantry, and cavalry.
Mountain tribes on top. From  left: cavalry artillery, 4 infantry units, artillery, cavalry.

Both sides advance; British cavalry starts moving behind the line towards the center.

Both sides close for battle.

The British center and right flank press forward, the left flank holds back because of the threat of  the mounted tribesmen.

The British open fire, without effect.

The tribesmen now starts their attack. The mounted tribesmen hit the left flank  and pushes back the  native scout company.  The tribes artillery does damage and forces back the next company. Farther along the line another company retreats and the British Dragoons now forms the front line.

The native scouts manages to take out 2/3 of the mounted tribesmen and make s the rest retreat. The British center and right attack along the line, causing some losses and made some of the tribesmen retreat.

The tribes counter attack. They hit hard and break both the Dragoons  and the company next to it. What's worse, the rightmost company is completely overrun.

(2 shots of the same turn) At this point most of the British companies were down to half strength  and both flanks are open.  The Dragoons form a rearguard, while the rest of the British fall back. The natives continue to hold the pass.


  1. Like the way that you have used the Mameluk figures for the tribesmen!

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  3. Ian, When I bought these figures they were listed as Northwest Frontier tribesmen. I bought them to use as Ottoman Turks. For this war-game I figured I might as well use them as the Northwest Tribesmen. Now if I could only get some of the Peter Laing French and British Egyptian campaign figures....

  4. There are some of those in the samples I am sending you to mold!

  5. That sounds great! I am thinking of molding the Napoleonic sailors you sent me (I watch some of the Hornblower series this month). I am surprised that there aren't many Egyptian campaign figures.