Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peter Laing Little Wars

      One project that I have worked on in the last few weeks was a "Little Wars" army with the Peter Laing Victorian Parade figures I have, reinforced by Crimean War figures.  I also wanted to get a game in so I brought out this new army.
General Loed Alfred Hayes gathers his army around Westbridge. The rebel forces  appear first thing in the morning formed for battle. 

My "Little Wars"army drawn up for battle.

The rebel army sendss their two best units to cross the east bridge to outflank the Brookshire army.

The rebel artillery hits the Speckled Horse, which was advancing against the rebels at  East bridge.

A rebel unit crosses West bridge and forces back the infantry guarding the bridge.

The Speckled Horse hits the rebel infantry. They only have one hex to retreat to (the other hex was blocked by the unit on the bridge). As can be seen, they have three retreat rolls against them, so they retreat one and lose two more. The followup attack kills another soldier.

The Guards bring the rebel artillery under rifle fire. They manage to push back the  artillery.

The infantry  clears the village.

The Speckled Horse eliminates one unit.

The other rebel infantry pushes the Speckled Horse back.

Even though they are "in the building", the artillery kills one Guardsman. Meanwhile, the rebels send another infantry unit towards the east bridge.

The Guards rifle fire drives the artillery off the field of battle.

General Hayes sends another infantry unit around the west side of the village to bring another rebel unit under fire.

The Speckled Horse has exhausted their horse; the Black Horse comes forward to relieve  them, and to get some  of the glory for themselves.

Too late, the rebel general moves downriver. The unit who has been trying to hold the west bridge falls under deadly crossfire. 4 units have been eliminated.

With only two units left, the rebels retreat.

The scenario is from ONE HOUR WARGAMES. The rules were MEMOIR OF BATTLE.


  1. I liked the look and feel of this game!

    Just about time for me to get back to my grid, its been too long.

  2. One reason I picked this scenario was to see how easy it would be to switch out the Heroscape hexes.It took about 5 minutes to add the river tiles. These hexes are easier to use than the regular hexes.

  3. Replies
    1. I have a few different of the Victorian Parade figures.Most I have gotten through Ian Dury, although a few were mixed in with odd lots that I have bought. For me, these figures are my "Holy Grail".

  4. It was a post about your Brookshire Wars that first drew me to your site. This was an unexpected but very welcome post. The parade ground figures are lovely. After years of prevaricating I am now very firmly in the hex/grid camp, with a healthy dose of gloss varnish thrown in. Liberation and pleasure through simplicity. Thanks.

    1. Chris, as a solo gamer using the hexes makes my life easier. There is no stretching measurements with hexes. I also really abuse my figures; they are usually thrown in drawers for storage. The gloss varnish does a great job protecting the paint; it doesn't do much for spears or bayonets, though.

  5. Good job of showcasing the figures in your pics. Looks really good, and looks like a lot of fun, too.
    Love the Speckled Horse troop; great concept.

  6. I tried to take your advice from last posting and tried to post more closeups. I will have to keep with the closeups. I wish I could take credit for the Speckled Horse troop. I received these figures prepainted. The horses were speckled when I got them. I did repaint the riders, but the horses were so unusual I left them alone.