Friday, June 10, 2016

Look at Books

        While camping last month the campground we stayed at didn't have Wifi.As we used our cellphones to connect to the internet, long before the month was over we had used all our data, meaning that we were going to have a very large phone bill. As such, I started bringing old military magazines to read during lunches at work. I saw a book advertised; UNKNOWN WARS OF ASIA, AFRICA AND THE AMERICA'S THAT CHANGED HISTORY by Steven M. Johnson. It has been an interesting read. I have almost read it in a week, which, is fast for me.

       I also have been looking at my Peter Laing Renaissance figures. I really want to do something with them. I know little of the period and the armies. There is a website that has a collection of Airfix magazine articles on Renaissance armies by George Gush. My understanding is the articles come from a book by George Gush RENAISSANCE ARMIES. I found a copy at a very good price and bought it. I received it today and look forward to reading it. The illustrations are excellent.   I have always been jealous of the British, as they seem to have the best books on military matters.

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