Thursday, March 3, 2016

If it's Napoleonic, it must be Spring

The last couple of weeks we have had springlike weather; it seems when winter turns to spring, I get a sudden interest in the Napoleonic wars.

While at a craft store I saw some nice felt in a package, 2 yards of green felt for $8.99. I had a large piece of felt that I had used for wargaming years ago, but threw it out during one of my rare cleaning of the junk room. I bought it, then cut it into two 3'x3' sections. One I have marked off into 2" squares. While photographing my last installment of "Peter Laings by the Numbers" I played a quick game on it. I left items that were in the desk under the felt, to give it some contours.
The field of battle. Landscape pieces were randomly put down.

The French line.

The British line. It's hard to see but they were on a ridge line.

The main purpose of the game was to see how the pictures would come out. I still prefer the foam squares I used in earlier games as the figures seemed to stand out better. In the photos the contours of the hills don't show up too well.

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