Friday, July 31, 2015

New Books and Plans

     Since finding HORDES OF THE EMPIRE  by Paul Potter, Blake Radetzky, and Terry Webb, and WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! by Bob Cordery, and their armies list, I have started work on my British colonial figures.  In a couple of practice games, the results seem that either side could have won the battle. I have started looking through my Peter Laing figures for opponents to the British. I have found several, and have ordered new rubber to make molds of these figures.

    I think anyone who has studied the colonial wars have come across Michael Barthorps' books on different campaigns of the Victorian period.  I have several of his books and went looking for more. I have bought several books  in the last week by various authors about British colonial wars and they have started arriving. In the meantime , I have started reading Donald Featherstones' KHAKI AND RED, which is a good overview of the period.

   When I started getting back into toy soldiers one manufacturer that caught my attention was William Hocker, who made a line of colonial British soldiers along the style of Wm. Britains. At the time I bought a catalog of color picture of his line. Looking at the pictures, I have been thinking of painting some of the Peter Laing figures using the Wm. Hocker pictures as a guide. I have already painted a unit of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.
This book covers the first Maori War.

My Peter Laing Royal Berkshire Regiment.


  1. Figures looking great in their new uniforms.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment. I was a little disappointed after putting on the gloss varnish, as it seemed to mute the detailing on the figures. There was a nice illustration of the Royal Marine Light Infantry in THE SUDAN CAMPAIGNS1881-1898. I started painting some figures yesterday, but had a case of shaky hands, so will have to do some touchups on them.