Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Toy Soldier Mold

        A while back I had the idea of using Britain's West Point figures for making 1800s American militia units. The cost of original  Britain's figures made using them beyond my means.  I did make a mold of the body, with the idea of swopping heads. Most of the heads I got didn't look right on the body. The idea petered out and I moved on to other projects.

   A few weeks ago I was on an auction website looking for a particular toy soldier mold. I came across an old mold from A.C.Gilbert Kasting of a marching West Point cadet. The mold looked to be in good shape, but it was quite pricey. I resisted for a couple of weeks, before breaking down and buying it. 

    I just received  it, along with one casting of it. I also found a couple of bars of casting metal that I didn't  know I had.  Unfortunately  the basement was flooded by a leak and many boxes stacked in front of my casting area, putting a hold on trying out the new mold.

The new Gilbert West Point mold.

The casting that came with it

My earlier attempt at using a Britain's  West Point figure to make an 1800s American militiaman.


  1. Great project and an excellent figure cast. Looking forward to seeing more…
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. Hopefully this weekend I can cast a few figures, and possibly get some painting done

  3. A lucky find of a stylish figure - I look forward to seeing how these cast up.

  4. Another distraction from the project I'm working on now. Still, it's not a bad looking figure with good potential.