Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Patriot's Day Wargame

     Patriot's Day is a Massachusetts state holiday commemorating the battle of Lexington and Concord. Being a town employee, I had the day off. My wife, who is still recuperating from surgery, decided to take a nap, which gave me time for a quick wargame. I decide to use Chris Salander's H&M 2.0. As mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to try to use mixed units instead of the usual infantry, cavalry and artillery.  I started with the basic rules figure allotment of 16 infantry, 6 cavalry and 4 artillery. The red army would use the conservative infantry, cavalry, and artillery units. The blue army did something different. Their army had mixed units deployed from left to right: 3 infantry; 2 cavalry & 2 infantry; 2 artillery& 2 infantry; 2 cavalry & 2 infantry; 2 artillery & 2 infantry; 2 cavalry & 2 infantry; 3 infantry.  Each army could move 4 squares of figures per turn, although anyone within  range could battle. I wasn't going to do a battle report so I didn't take any pictures until the game was half over.
At the half way point in the game, the Red Army was turning Blue's right flank.

Blue tries to stabilize their right flank.

Blue wipes out the Red cavalry on their left flank and their artillery fire drives back an infantry unit.

Red's right flank has crumbled.  However, their cavalry on the left has eliminated  the Blue cavalry  on the Blue's right flank. Red starts consolidating his right flank units.

Blue cavalry hits the Red's right flank...

...and kills two infantrymen, eliminates one artillery piece, and forces the other gun to retreat.

The Blue army starts moving their infantry on the left to shore up the right.

The Red army manages to get all their troops into combat.

The Red army starts breaking through the Blue's line.

The Red army  has the Blue army on the run.

The blue army's morale breaks and the withdraw off the field. After the fact, based on the holiday, I should have used my 1st generation Minifigs American Revolution figures.


  1. Interesting mixing the units - I don't know the rules but they are intriguing. Are the guns from Peter Laing? They are very nice.

  2. I'm going to hopefully get some more games in using mixed units. The artillery pieces are from Heritage 15mm range. These pieces came with sets that were to be used with SPI wargames instead of cardboard pieces.