Thursday, March 22, 2018

Toy Soldiers Lost & Found

       With my wife out of work waiting for surgery, I haven't had time to work on gaming. I have spent more time on the computer looking at wargaming sites. One that peaked my interest was Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles .  On it he has a series of battles using Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames played between two teams of children. What's more, the game is being played as a narrative campaign. Also, the armies used were made up of Zvedza Great Northern War figures, which at one time I was going to use for wargames, being excellent figures.
     I found myself excited at the thought of using OHW rules and 18th century figures. Unfortunately, I gave away my large Revell SYW collection years ago and sent the Zvezda figures I had with them; I
and traded my plastic Spencer Smiths SYW for some Peter Laing AWI figures. I started thinking of buying some Hat SYW Prussians to make two armies, if I could find them. However, with my wife not working, money is tight so I decided not to buy figures at this time.
    I then thought of my large collection of Editions Brokaw SYW figures. As I haven't used them in years, I could easily base them and used them in a one off game.

    I started looking for them in my new "gaming room". While I still haven't found them, I did find several different figures which will come in handy in other games. I found among an odd lot of Airfix figures I bought last year some Infantry Combat Group figures, and looking through some food containers of Airfix figures, I found some more 1st generation WW2 German infantry. These should give me enough figures to use with Memoir 44 as I had thought of using before.

  I also came across some Zvedza GNW figures and Revell SYW figures in another tub; possibly enough  to copy the armies on the TSaDRB blog.

   What's more, I found another tub with more Spencer Smith  SYW plastic figures. I was thinking of holding on to them; however, now I think I will try to reach the person who got the rest of the collection and send them to him.

    Still, the search goes on for my Edition Brokaw figures.
Airfix Infantry Combat Group figures. The unpainted figures are the figures I didn't even realized I had. I plan to use them with Memoir 44 instead of the infantry figures that come with the game.

Airfix 1st generation Germans. These with be used with Memoir 44. 

The newly found Spencer Smith SYW figures.

Some of the Zvezda and Revell 18th century figures that I might use with Neil Thomas wargame rules.


  1. Some lovely old figures there John.
    I whole heartedly agree that the campaign being run at Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles is very inspiring.
    Best wishes to your wife and I hope you manage to do some gaming soon.

    1. I'm looking forward to the installments of the TSaDRB campaign. It has me thinking of using some of my plastics again.
      My wife had successful surgery; the injury wasn't as bad as expected so her recovery should be quicker.

  2. Wonderful collection John. I have a soft spot for Airfix first generation Germans, 8th Army and Afrika Korps. The Infantry Combat Group are also favourites. Hope your wife gets well soon.

    1. Besides the 1st generation Germans, I also have 1st generation Africa Korps and 8th Army figures, both of which I plan to use with Memoir 44.

  3. Thanks for the link to this Toy Soldiers and Dining Room website, not one I knew and stylish looking, a good way to introduce gaming with simple figure paint finishes (red or blue) to young or new gamers. Almost instant gaming.
    Vintage 1st generation Airfix (ww2 to French foreign legion etc) remain some of my favourite Airfix figures. Even as a child I preferred the few old ones we had compared to the larger more detailed second Airfix versions then around, which some of my friends thought an odd choice. I still like the small WW2 Japanese Airfix for flexible period and conversion potential They seem the closest small plastic figures in charm and style to 15mm Peter Laing figures I know, so I have picked up the odd bag online enough for future skirmish games. (To be fair Some people don't like Peter Laings figure either). They should work well for Memoir 44. Best wishes to you and your wife, hope she is better soon and more time for gaming returns.

  4. I have found myself going through my plastics thinking of using them with One Hour Wargames. I have found a lot more 18th century figures than I thought I had.
    As for the Vintage 1st generation Airfix, I never did warm up to the second generation Airfix figures.