Friday, May 5, 2017

Travel Battle Troop Comparision

       Like many people, the new Perry game, Travel Battle, has caught my attention. Being a grid based game with small miniatures, I broke down and ordered the game last week. Reading other posting, it seems that other people have ordered the game in the UK before me, but still haven't received their games.  Reading this, I didn't expect to see my copy for awhile. So image my surprise when arriving home from work, there was a box on the doorstep (in the pouring rain); my copy of the game.  After pulling apart the soggy box, I was somewhat disappointed that the game wasn't shrink-wrapped. Another 10 minutes and I believe the game would have been damaged.

   I do not intend to give a review of the game; there are several good reviews and I have nothing to add to the description of the game. However, none of them have shown comparisons to different figures so one can gauge the size of the figures.
From left to right: 15mm 1st generation Minifigs, Old Glory 10mm, Perry Miniatures  8mm, Heroics & Ros 6mm.


  1. A great game,sad to hear of the disaster

    1. After reading some of the reviews and reading the rules, I think I can get my wife to play the game with me. She used to kick my butt when playing chess, so I'm sure after a couple of games she would probably win more games than lose. Luckily the box was oversized and the game was on the dry side. I can't understand why the mailman didn't put it in a plastic bag.

  2. Glad your game survived - just. Odd, it is not shrink wrapped. The comparison photos will be really helpful. I would not be surprised if some of the 'newer' 6mm figures which appear to be at least 7mm may be a good match.

  3. I probably should have also put some kind of ruler in the picture to help with the scale, especially since I blew up the picture. What surprised me is looking at some of the other websites that shows them painted. I starred painting a few infantry; I need stronger magnifying glasses!