Sunday, March 5, 2017

2mm Block Wargame

     Last year I had planned a wargame using Jack Scrubys' Strategical -Tactical wargame rules. I never did play it. I dug out the board this weekend. I just chalked in the different terrain. Each army has three divisions of 6 units each. I used Neil Thomas' OHW army lists to pick the different divisions.  The Strategical-Tactical game plays out like a wargame,  but it covers a large area like a campaign.
The two armies on the march. For objectives I used the three crossroads that each side had on their  side of the board (where the troops are deployed) as goals.

Both armies start deploying their troops.

The Red center division starts working its' way around the Blues right flank.

Add captioThe Red left division crosses the river.The Blue Right Division commander holds back two infantry units; with the center in trouble he might have to go to the center divisions' aid.

The Blue left division pushes back the Red division.

The Blue left starts sending one of the reserve infantry to the river crossing; the Red right division starts shifting their units to attack the Blue center division.

At this point the Reds left division is down to 50%, the Red center division is just about wiped out, and the Blue army is sending reinforcements are moving towards the center. The Red army concedes the battle.

The situation at the center at the end of the battle.


  1. Great to see this. I admit I am no fan of the really tiny scales of figures, but I like the idea of 'map war games' like this, still using figures and models. I have been thinking about something of the sort using 20-25mm figures. Is such a thing feasible? The jury is still out, for mine! Articles like this help me to visualise the look I want. Thank you!

  2. In the Strategical Tactical Wargame, Jack Scruby used 4- 20mm figures on bases for regiments.