Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Peter Laing Reinforcements

      While camping I got a little painting in. The Man of Tin blog has me thinking of using my Peter Laing figures in more skirmish wargames. Th figures were some of my WSS Peter Laing marching figures and homecast Indians. The  marching figures were painted to represent militia of the French and Indian War. I have also been thinking of using Battle Cry dice with Chris Salanders' H&M 2.0, but haven't have the time to test them out.

    I also managed to buy a lot of Colonial Egyptian Minifigs and Peter Laing figures. With the cavalry I can now have two full Egyptian cavalry units. There was another PL figure I don't think I have yet. It looks like it is a Renaissance horseman, although it seems to be painted to be a native horseman. There was also an officer on horseback that isn't a Peter Laing or Minifigs figure that is a mystery to me. If anyone knows the manufacturer of the figure I would like to know. I enjoy this figure, and believe he will command the colonial Egyptian army.
Some of the PL militia.

The two new Egyptian cavalrymen. They will keep their current uniform.

The two "native" cavalrymen, that I believe are new figures to me.

The colonial officer, who seems to be mounted on an old nag!

If anyone knows the manufacturer, please let me know. I'm thinking maybe Essex? 


  1. Hope that you had a good break. The colonial officer is a great figure, full of character and charm.

  2. We had a restful two weeks (it's been almost 40 years since I took two weeks vacation!). I really do like the Colonial officer. I might give him a little detailing, such as some gold on his uniform; and his tired horse might get some, too.

  3. John, I believe your mystery Laing figure is M5011, English Border Lancer, from the Renaissance range. The colonial figure could be pre- Essex Mikes Models, or possibly Warrior?

  4. Thank you for identifying the Peter Laing figure for me. As for the colonial figure, I don't thinkit's a Warrior figure; I bought some Warrior Zulu War figures years ago. This figure is a one piece figure, not two seperate figures. I don't know much about Mike Models. I did get some of their Ottoman Turks but didn't care for them. By this time I had gotten some Peter Laing figures and four the MM figures too stocky.

  5. Glad I could help. If that figure is one piece, it's not Mike Models. Could be Pioneer, but I don't know whether they did Colonials