Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another "No Brain Wargame"

While my wife was out with friends yesterday,  I wanted to get a wargame in. I also wanted to try a couple of ideas. After watching CALLAN: ACT OF KINDNESS I bought some average dice.  In previous "no brain wargames", once a unit engaged in combat, even if they weren't activated during a move, they could still fight during the turn. This time only activated units could fight. Being a solo game, I would roll two regular colored dice and two average dice at the same time. The regular dice would decide which side moved first; the average dice would be how many units could move that turn.

I have seen on other blogs the blogger using arrows to show movement during their wargames. These arrows are from one version of the game RISK. I thought that was a great idea, and in some (or most) of my previous posts the movements of the armies were confusing. I decided to try using these arrows to show the movement in this game.
The opposing armies: the Mahdi army on the left; the Arab army on the right.

The Mahdi first attack forces one Arab to retreat.

The Arabs moves 5 units and launches three attacks (red arrows).

The result; one Mahdi falls back and one is killed.

At this point in the game I came up with a better use of the arrows. The black arrows will show the movement of the Mahdi, the red arrows will show the movement of the Arabs,  the yellow arrows will show attacks.  In this picture the Arabs  move three units and launch three attacks.The attack results in two Mahdi killed and two (including the Mahdi general) are forces to retreat.

The Mahdi launch four attacks.The result; three Arabs killed and two forced to retreat.

The Mahdi attacks with four units. The Mahdi cavalry at the top of the picture change direction to attack the Arab cavalry.   In the center the Mahdi kills two Arabs and advances. At the top of the picture three Arabs are forced to retreat.

The Arabs move three units. At the top they kill one Mahdi and advance. In the center the kill two Mahdi.

The Arabs continue their attack and kill two more Mahdis.

The Mahdis counterattack with five units, but with little success. They killed one cavalryman and force two to retreat.

The Arabs attack in three places. The Mahdi cavalry is forced back.  The attack at the top left of the picture shows that the Mahdi general and one other man is killed. In this picture you can see the results of the dice throw. Both have rolled for three units to move. The Arabs roll a 6 on the regular dice, the Mahdi a 2; the Arabs move first.

The Mahdi attack kills one Arab and forces another to retreat, and two Mahdi  advance  in the vacated  squares.

The Mahdi attack pushes back the Arab right flank and in the center forces three Arabs.

The Arab counterattack forces the Mahdi cavalry off the field. At the top of the picture other Mahdi s retreat.

The Mahdi eliminates the Arab cavalry on the left.

The Arabs drive off another Mahdi unit in the center.

At this point both sides are scattered across the field.

The Arabs lose the last of their cavalry.

At this point both sides have one strong unit left, the rest of the armies are in fragments around the field.

The Arabs kill two more Mahdis and forces another to the edge of the field.

At this point the Mahdi army retreats with the Arabs in pursuit.

I think that working out how to use the arrows to show the troop movements  would make my games a little more understandable. Also, I think someone could follow the course of the game without reading the entire description of the game.


  1. Nice use of arrows - they show the ebb and flow of the battle.

  2. I think my previous battle reports were confusing, to say the lease. I was hoping they would make following the action easier to follow.